Solidworks Version 2015
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Solidworks Version 2015

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION Getting started File management Add INS setting Options(basic) Design library

Chapter: 2 SKETCH MODULE Line, centerline, rectangle, Slot, circle, arc, polygon, Spline, Ellipse, Partial ellipse, fillet, Chamfer, txt, Point

Chapter: 3 SKETCH EDIT Trim entities, convert entities, Offset entity, mirror entities, Linear and circular pattern, Move, copy, rotate, scale, sketch entities Constraints add and remove constraints, fully defined sketch

Chapter: 4 PART MODULE- 1 Extrude, extrude cut, revolve, Revolve cut, swept, swept cut, Reference geometry

Chapter: 5 PART MODULE - 2 Loft feature, loft cut feature, Loft with guide, loft with Centerline parameters, Hole wizard SOLID EDIT Fillet, Chamfer, pattern (linear, circular, point, sketch, table), Rip, draft features, Shell, wrap, intersect, mirror

Chapter: 6 REFERENCE GEOMETRY Datum plane Datum axis Datum co-ordinates system Datum points Datum curves, Helix, spiral Split lines, project curve Composite curve, curve through xyz points, Curve through reference point

Chapter: 7 SURFACE MODELING Sketch tools Create features (extrude, revolve, sweep, blend, planar)

Chapter: 8 SURFACE EDIT Freeform, offset, ruled surface, Planar surface, Flatten, Delete face, Replace face, Extent, trim, untrim Surface, knit surface, Thicken, Thicken cut, cut with surface

Chapter: 9 SHEET METAL Base flange Edge flange, miter flange, hem, Jog, sketched jog, cross-break Corners, cut, holes, rips, Vent, Fold, Unfold, flatten, Conversion from solid

Chapter: 10 ASSEMBLY Insert component Mate component (standard mates)

Chapter: 11 ADVANCED ASSEMBLY Insert components Advanced mates Move components

Chapter: 12 MECHANISM Explode, unexploded Animate explode 3D view Motion study Collision detection

Chapter: 13 DRAWING View layout Annotations Sketch Export

Chapter: 14 PROJECT - 1

Chapter: 15 PROJECT - 2

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