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Silhouette FX - Syllabus

Chapter 1 - Introduction
System Requirements for Installation
What is Rotoscopy
Introduction to Interface
Workspace and Basic Set up
Golden Treads of Rotoscopy

Chapter 2 - Shapes & Animation
Creating New shapes
Shapes and Animation
Animation Workflow for Rotoscopy
Shapes Preferences and Set up

Chapter 3 - Tracking Basics
Tracking Basics in Silhouette
Drawing Shapes and Combining for Tracking
Tracking & Roto Shapes - Multiple Shapes
Live video Sample footage

Chapter 4 Rotoscopy Sample Methods
Articulated Video Analysis
Understanding the Motion
Human Roto Basics
Drawing Shapes & Animating together
Corrections and Extra Shapes

Chapter 5 - Paint FX in silhouette
Paint Options
Tools for Painting Effects
Rope Removal Technique 1 - Clean plate
Rope Removal Technique 2 - Frame Reference

Chapter 6 Silhouette V6 New Version
Introduction to Interface
Welcome to Node Based Compositing
Basic Nodes Set Up
Workflow 1
Workflow 2

Chapter 7 - Power matte -silhouette
Color Based Shapes Creation
Understanding the In and Out Colors
Multiple Shape Roto (Add and Subtract )
Composite view

Chapter 8- Silhouette v6 Power Matte / IK Rotoscope
Color Based Shape Creation
Understanding the In and Out Colors
Multiple Shape Roto ( Add and Subtract )
IK Introduction
Shapes for IK
IK Roto Footage Sample

Chapter 9 - Nodes Setup Usage - General

Chapter 10 -Export & Over view
Exporting Shapes
Nuke & Silhouette Shapes
Testing Roto Final Sample
Render Set up

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