Python Version 3.4
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Python Version 3.4 - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction Installation

Chapter2 Hello World Program and Variables Numbers

Chapter-3 List -List and its methods String -String Literals -Slicing -Immutability -Methods -Type Conversions Dictionaries -Dictionaries along with its methods

Chapter-4 Sets -Sets and Modifying Sets Tuples -AND -OR -NOT -XOR

Chapter-5 Boolean and Sequence Unpacking -#!/usr/bin/python

Chapter-6 Control Flow -If -if else -while -For loop -Break

Chapter7: Functions -*args -*kwargs -Defining and using functions Modules -Math module -os module -random module

Chapter8: Exception Handling -Try -except

Chapter9: Object Oriented programming File Handling

Chapter10: Date and Time -Displaying Date and Time

Chapter11: SQLite

Chapter12: Socket Programming

Chapter13: Graphical User Interface

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