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Primavera P6 - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 Introduction About Primavera P6

Chapter: 2 About WBS Create WBS code To View WBS

Chapter: 3 Introduction About Activity To Create a New Activity Relationship - Predecessors Schedule

Chapter: 4 Introduction About Calendar Types of Calendar Assigning Calendar to Project

Chapter: 5 About Project Codes Creating Project Codes To View the Project

Chapter: 6 About EPS To Create a New EPS

Chapter: 7 Resource types To Create Resource Assigning Resources

Chapter: 8 Activity Codes To Create an Activity Codes Assigning Activity Codes To View the Codes

Chapter: 9 About Expense To Create Expenses To View the Cost of -the Project or Budgeted cost Work Products & Documents Thresholds Issues & Risks

Chapter: 10 To Create New Baselines To View Cost Variance

Chapter: 11 Critical Path Method Constraints

Chapter: 12 Schedule Progress Progress Lines Progress Spotlight

Chapter: 13 Reports Creating Reports Report Wizard Export

Chapter: 14 Project

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