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Adobe Photoshop - Syllabus

Chapter 1
Introduction about Photoshop cc, Workspace & its option

Chapter 2
Creating a new document, Sheet settings, Artboard setup

Chapter 3
Move tool, Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool, Single row marquee tool, Single column marquee tool, Lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Creating a new layer, Other layer option

Chapter 4
Quick selection tool, Magic wand tool, Crop tool, Perspective crop tool, Eye dropper tool, Color sampler tool, Ruler tool, Note tool, Count tool

Chapter 5
Spot healing brush tool, Healing brush tool, Patch tool, Content aware tool, Red eye tool, Brush tool, Pencil tool, Clone stamp tool, Pattern stamp tool

Chapter 6
History brush tool, Art history brush tool, Eraser tool, Background eraser tool, Gradient tool, Paint bucket tool, Blur tool, Sharpen tool, Smudge tool, Dodge tool, Burn tool, Sponge tool

Chapter 7
Pen tool, Freeform pen tool, Add and delete anchor point, Convert point tool, Text, Horizontal type tool, Vertical type tool, Vertical type mask tool, Horizontal type mask tool, Blending modes, Blending options (layer style), Opacity and fill, Path selection tool, Direct selection tool, Rectangle shape tool, Round rectangle shape tool, Elliptical shape tool, Polygon shape tool, line shape tool, Custom shape tool, Hand tool, Rotate view tool, Zoom tool, Edit tool bar

Chapter 8
Vector mask, Shape mask, Mask composing

Chapter 9
Color correction, Adjustment layer, Adjustment layer styles, Color mode, Color lookup, Image size reduce, Image rotation,

Chapter 10
Black & white convert into color

Chapter 11
File menu, Edit menu, Image menu, Layer menu, Type menu, Select menu, Filter menu, Liquify, Vanish point, Blur, Gallery blur

Chapter 12
Filter gallery, Adaptive wide angle, Camera raw filter, Lens correction

Chapter 13
filter-liquify, Creating a funny image using liquify option

Chapter 14
Change the eye color

Chapter 15

Chapter 16
Scare removal

Chapter 17
Creating a shadow

Chapter 18
Photo Retouching & Manipulation

Chapter 19
Changing Background

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