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Networking - Syllabus

Chapter 1 Networking Introduction and Application History of networking Common Application Client Server Model Peer to peer communication

Chapter 2 Networking and Protocol Hierarchies Point to Point network Wide Area Network Intermediate routers Store and Forward Network Categories of wireless network Protocol Hierarchies Design Issues of Layers Services

Chapter 3 Data Communication and Topologies Data Communication Network in terms of nodes Types of Connections Network Criteria Topologies

Chapter 4 OSI Reference Model Introduction Principles of seven layers Overview of seven layers Encapsulation Conclusion

Chapter 5 Physical Layer Introduction Transmission Medium Problems in Transmission Medium Magnetic Medium Twisted Pairs Types of Twisted Pairs Coaxial Cable Fiber Optic Cables

Chapter 6 Datalink Layer Introduction Design Issues Services Needs of Framing Error Detection Medium Access Control

Chapter 7 OSI transport layer Transport services Protocols Service Sockets Transport layer vs network layer Inter transport layer protocol Multiplexing Demultiplexing Transmission control protocol UDP checksum

Chapter 8 Network Layer Introduction Routing Inter Networking Congestion Control C.S vs C.O.S Voice of Connectionless Services Voice of Connection Oriented Services IP Address Routing Algorithm Goals of Network Layer

Chapter 9 Application Layer History Problems on ARPANET Domain Name System Sub Domains TELNET FTP SMTP

Chapter 10 Application layer laboratory Working with putty TELNET PINGING TRACERT NSLOOKUP

Chapter 11 Network Security Introduction Firewall Design Principles Packet filtering firewall Application level gateways Circuit Level gateways Network Device

Chapter 12 CISCO packet tracer Installation Working with CISCO Connection made using CISCO Connecting host with server using switch Connecting them with router Configuring FTP Configuring DNS.

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