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MS Excel 2016 - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction Getting Started Manage Working Windows

Chapter-2 Work with Text Clipboard Text Properties

Chapter-3 Cell Properties Text Alignment Cell Format Cell Field

Chapter-4 Cell Rules Conditional Format Table Format Cell Styles

Chapter-5 Insert Cell Insert Row & Column Delete Row & Column Format cell

Chapter-6 Work with data Auto Sum Fill Find and Replace Sorting Order

Chapter-7 Tables Pivot Tables Table Style Table Format Insert Table

Chapter-8 Picture Insert Picture Picture Format Picture Effect

Chapter-9 Shapes Insert Shapes Shape Design Shape Format

Chapter-10 Smart Art Insert Smart Art Smart Art Analysis Smart Art Layout

Chapter-11 Chart Insert Chart Recommended Chart Pivot Chart Chart Styles Chart Format

Chapter-12 Symbols and Equation Hyperlink Header and Footer Symbols Equation

Chapter-13 Basic Formulae Basic Calculation Fill Method

Chapter-14 Advanced Formulae Dollar Symbol If Function Multiset Formula Date Formulas Text Formulas

Chapter-15 Macros Record and Insert Macro Visual Basic Command Button

Chapter-16 File Management Export Print Security

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