Mocha Pro V5
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Mocha Pro V5 - Syllabus

Chapter 1 -Introduction to Interface

Quick Time Installation
Project Settings
Importing clip / Footage Sequence
Frame Offset, Format Adjustments
Basic Control & Properties

Chapter 2 - Planar Tracking

Footage Analyzing
Layer Control & Properties
Drawing Shapes & Properties
Frame Offset, Frame Adjustments
Tracking Set up & Properties

Chapter 3 - Tracking Mattes in Mocha

Footage Analysis
Tracking Shapes Perspectives
Object & Camera Movement Perspectives
Setting up Dummy clips (Insert clips )
Importing insert clips

Chapter 4 - Digital Make up / Clean up in Mocha

Footage Analysis
Drawing Multiple Shapes
Shapes rework based on Shapes
Retouch in Photoshop
Surface Tracking in Mocha Pro

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