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Creo 2.0 - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION About CREO Features in CREO, Getting started, Configuration setting

Chapter: 2 SKETCH Sketching tools, Editing tools, Constrains, Dimensions, Inspect tools

Chapter: 3 PART MODELING (solid) Shapes, Engineering tools, Editing tools, Flexible modeling

Chapter: 4 ADVANCED SOLID MODELING Toroidal blend, Spinal blend, Cosmetic, Warp, Solid free form

Chapter: 5 DATUM FEATURES Datum plane, Datum axis, Datum point, Datum co-ordinate system, Datum curve

Chapter: 6 SURFACE MODELING Shape, editing (trim, merge, extend, off set, intersect, thicken, solidify, wrap, remove, split surface, collapse geometry) Surface tools, Publish geometry

Chapter: 7 SHEET METAL MODELING Shapes, Engineering tools, Forming tools, Bend tools, Editing tools

Chapter: 8 ASSEMBLY Assemble, Constraints, Create component, View manager Shrink wrap, Bill of materials, Component interface, Explode view, Appearance gallery, Render

Chapter: 9 DRAWING Templates, Drawing properties, Model views, Drawing views, Edit tools, Convert, Display, Format, Annotate, Edit annotation, Table, Balloons, export

Chapter: 10 MECHANISM Connection (pin, slider, cylinder) Motor (servo motor, force motor) Analysis (position, velocity, acceleration) Play back (play, capture)

Chapter: 11 Project 1

Chapter: 12 Project 2

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