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C Programming - Syllabus

Chapter 1: History of C Introduction of C Structure of C programming

Chapter 2: Fundamental of C Data types Variables Keywords Identifier Input Output Statement

Chapter 3: Decision Making Statement Types A) Conditional Statement 1. Simple if 2. Nested If 3. Switch B) Looping Statement 1. For loop 2. While loop 3. Do-while Loop

Chapter 4: Operators 1. Arithmetic 2. Compare 3. Relational 4. Logical 5. Assignment 6. Increment or Decrement operators

Chapter 5: Array Intro Array Types of Array 1. One dimension 2. Two Dimension

Chapter 6: Pointer Intro Pointer Normal variable Vs Pointer Variable Pointer with array

Chapter 7: Function Intro Function How to create function Step 1: Declaration function Step 2: Calling function Step 3: Definition function Function Types 1. with argument and with return type 2. with argument and without return type 3. without argument and with return type 4. without argument and without return type Function with array Function with Pointer

Chapter 8: Structure Intro to structure Structure vs array Structure with array Structure with pointer Structure with function

Chapter 9: Files Intro file How to create file File accessing mode File input and output function

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