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Computer Science Engineering Combo - Syllabus

ANDROID - Syllabus

Chapter 1 Introduction Evolution of Android OHA Features of Android Architecture of Android DVM Installing JDK Installing Android Development Toolkit

Chapter 2 First Application Hello World Working with eclipse Emulator Exporting an android -project into a.apk file

Chapter 3 UI Widgets Check Box Alert Dialog Box Spinner AutoComplete Text View Rating Bar Web View Seek Bar Toggle Button Push Button

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Chapter 4 Intents Binds activities Intent Objects Types of intent

Chapter 5 Activity Subclass of Context theme Wrapper class 7 lifecycle methods

Chapter 6 Services Start a Service Stop a Service

Chapter 7 User Application Alarm Creator Access system alarm Holds a CPU wake lock Broadcast Receiver Storage Internal Storage File Output Stream File Input Stream

Chapter-8 Player Audio Player Media Player class Important Methods Video Player Media Controller class Video View class Methods

Chapter-9 Sniffer Sniff details about your -device and sim

Chapter-10 Controller Bluetooth Controller Bluetooth API Bluetooth Adapter class Wi-Fi Controller Android .net. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Manager Manage the Wi-Fi connectivity

Chapter-11 Messenger Getting intent and Pending -intent instance Handling corresponding Events

Chapter-12 Project Silence Breaker Know the incoming number -and speak it API: speech api, telephony -manager. Implementing OnInit Listener Interface Phone State Listener OnInit Method Ondestroy Method Add Permission

ASP .Net - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 ASP.NET Basics Introduction to ASP.NET, ASP.NET basic setup

Chapter: 2 ASP.NET Web Pages, Razor (C#) Syntax Web Page creation using ASP.NET, using C# on web using Razor

Chapter: 3 ASP.NET Layouts, folders and globules ASP.NET Project layouts, Project Folder Struct

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Chapter: 4 ASP.NET Forms, Objects and Files Basic Form Creation, Form Accessing methods, ASP.NET Page Objects, File Accessing from web

Chapter: 5 Databases, Helpers Connecting to Databases, Basic Querying, Helper classes

Chapter: 6 ASP.NET MVC introduction Introduction to Design Patterns, MVC Pattern

Chapter: 7 ASP.NET MVC Architecture ASP.NET MVC Folder Structures

Chapter: 8 ASP.NET MVC Forms MVC Form creation, Data passing from model to controller, Data returning on View

Chapter: 9 ASP.NET Models, Views, Controllers Model, View, Controller Introduction, MVC In-depth

Chapter: 10 ASP.NET Layouts, Routing Engines, Global and page layout of ASP.NET Application, Master page layout

Chapter: 12 Action Filters, Bundling, Exception Handling Filtering inputs by Action Filter, Scripts and stylesheet bundling, Data Exception Handing

Chapter: 13 ASP.NET MVC Application Creating

C# .Net - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 C# Basic Introduction to C#, Environment setup, Running C# program

Chapter: 2 Data types, Conversion Data types in C#, Data type converting -one into another type

Chapter: 3 Variables, Constants, Operators Variable in C#, variable declaring rules, Types of variables, Constants, Types of operators in C#

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Chapter: 4 Decision Making, Loops Decision making with if, Else if, switch, loops with for, While and do while

Chapter: 5. Methods, nullable, Encapsulation Method creation in C#, Nullable types, Encapsulating methods and classes

Chapter: 6 Arrays, Strings Array Declaration, Definition, Inserting data into Array, Retrieving data from Array, Strings, String methods

Chapter: 7 Structures, Enums Introduction to structures, Creating and accessing structure data, Creating user-defined data types -with Enum

Chapter: 8 C# Classes, Inheritance Introduction to OOP, C# Classes, Inheriting base class to child class

Chapter: 9 Polymorphism Introduction to polymorphism, Method overloading and -method overriding

Chapter: 10 Operator Overloading, Interfaces Operator Overloading method, Creating interfaces, Implementing interfaces in other classes

Chapter: 11 Namespaces Preprocessor Directives Creating custom namespaces and -using in other programs

Chapter: 12 Exception Handling, File I/O Handling Exception using try, Throw, catch block, Read/Write file in C#

Chapter: 13 Attributes, Properties. Creating attributes for classes, Creating properties, Accessing properties using get, set

Chapter: 14 Collections, Generics Introduction to collections, Creating Array List, Hash, Creating generic classes for dynamic -data type declaration

Chapter: 15 Unsafe Codes and Multithreading Introduction to Unsafe codes, Creating and running multi threads

C Programming - Syllabus

Chapter 1: History of C Introduction of C Structure of C programming

Chapter 2: Fundamental of C Data types Variables Keywords Identifier Input Output Statement

Chapter 3: Decision Making Statement Types A) Conditional Statement 1. Simple if 2. Nested If 3. Switch B) Looping Statement 1. For loop 2. While loop 3. Do-while Loop

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Chapter 4: Operators 1. Arithmetic 2. Compare 3. Relational 4. Logical 5. Assignment 6. Increment or Decrement operators

Chapter 5: Array Intro Array Types of Array 1. One dimension 2. Two Dimension

Chapter 6: Pointer Intro Pointer Normal variable Vs Pointer Variable Pointer with array

Chapter 7: Function Intro Function How to create function Step 1: Declaration function Step 2: Calling function Step 3: Definition function Function Types 1. with argument and with return type 2. with argument and without return type 3. without argument and with return type 4. without argument and without return type Function with array Function with Pointer

Chapter 8: Structure Intro to structure Structure vs array Structure with array Structure with pointer Structure with function

Chapter 9: Files Intro file How to create file File accessing mode File input and output function

C++ Programming - Syllabus

Chapter 1: History of C++ What is OOPs OOPs details Structure Vs OOPs

Chapter 2: Fundamental of C++ Variables, data types, keywords. Input and output statement

Chapter 3: Decision making statement Types A) Conditional Statement 1. simple if 2. Nested If 3. Switch B) Looping Statement 1. For loop 2. While loop 3. Do-while Loop

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Chapter 4: Operators & Casting 1. Arithmetic 2. Compare 3. Relational 4. Logical 5. Assignment 6. Increment or Decrement operators

Chapter 5: Encapsulation & Abstraction Implementation of Access specifier Private Public Protected

Chapter 6: Polymorphism Intro polymorphism Types 1. overloading 2. overriding

Chapter 7: Inheritance vs Composition Intro Inheritance Types 1. single 2. multiple 3. multi-level 4. Hybrid

Chapter 8: Constructor Intro constructor Constructor with overloading Destructor

Chapter 9: Files Iostream vs fstream Creating file step File accessing mode

Chapter 10: Exception Handling Type of error Exception handling function 1. try 2. catch 3. throw

Java Game Development - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction Necessity of Java History of Java Java Virtual Machine Internal Architecture of JVM -Installation Installing JDK Installing Eclipse

Chapter-2 Basics -Variables and Datatypes References to Objects Rules and Syntax Memory needed to store a variable -Operators Special Symbols Operators and Operands

Chapter-3 OOPS -Object Oriented Programming OOP and its advantage Programming Techniques Classes Instance of Classes State and Behavior of object Encapsulation and its attributes Call by Value -Methods -Chunk of Code -Sub program -Types and Structure -Requirements -Functions Vs Methods -Types of methods -Method Overloading -Type Promotion -Constructor -Meaning of Constructor -Rules and Syntax -Types -Constructor overloading -Copy Constructor

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Chapter-4 Control Flow -if loop, if-else, While loop, Do-While, Switch case, for loop.

Chapter-5 Arrays -single dimensional Array Multi-Dimensional Array Chapter-6 Inheritance -SINGLE LEVEL INHERITANCE -MULTILEVEL INHERITANCE -HIERARCHIAL INHERITANCE -MULTIPLE INHERITANCE -INTERFACE -Aggregation -Method Overriding

Chapter-7 Keyword This Referring current class instance variable Invoking current class constructor. Passing an argument to method call Returning current instance Super Referring immediate parent class instance variable. Invoking immediate parent class constructor. Invoking immediate parent class method

Chapter-8 Polymorphism Coercion and conversion Types

Chapter-9 Inner Class Member inner class Anonymous inner class Static inner class Local Inner class

Chapter-10 Handling -String Handling Two ways to create string String Literal String Buffer String Builder -IO/File Handling Receiving User Input Responding to User Input Writing to a File Reading from a File

Chapter-11 Threading -Concept of Threading -Ways to start a Thread

Chapter-12 Socket Programming -Networking and its advantages -Technologies -Client Server -URL -Http Url Connection -InetAddress

Chapter-13 GUI AWT Swing

Chapter-14 Project Catch the Roadrunner -A Game done with Java

MySQL - Syllabus

Chapter 1
Introduction, Introduction to MySQL Databases

Chapter 2
Installation & Administration, Installing MySQL in local Server, Administrating through command line and GUI

Chapter 3
Basics, Basics of MySQL Environment

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Chapter 4
MySQL Tables and Terms, MySQL Terminologies (DB, Table, Attribute, etc.)

Chapter 5
MySQL Queries, Table Creation, Deletion, Updating Queries

Chapter 6
Queries (cond...)

Chapter 7
MySQL in PHP, Using MySQL in PHP

Chapter 8
Working with PHP & MySQL, Connecting MySQL DB from PHP, Executing Queries from PHP

Chapter 9
Sample Project, Login and Registration Form, Creating Login and Registration, form using PHP and MySQL

Networking - Syllabus

Chapter 1 Networking Introduction and Application History of networking Common Application Client Server Model Peer to peer communication

Chapter 2 Networking and Protocol Hierarchies Point to Point network Wide Area Network Intermediate routers Store and Forward Network Categories of wireless network Protocol Hierarchies Design Issues of Layers Services

Chapter 3 Data Communication and Topologies Data Communication Network in terms of nodes Types of Connections Network Criteria Topologies

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Chapter 4 OSI Reference Model Introduction Principles of seven layers Overview of seven layers Encapsulation Conclusion

Chapter 5 Physical Layer Introduction Transmission Medium Problems in Transmission Medium Magnetic Medium Twisted Pairs Types of Twisted Pairs Coaxial Cable Fiber Optic Cables

Chapter 6 Datalink Layer Introduction Design Issues Services Needs of Framing Error Detection Medium Access Control

Chapter 7 OSI transport layer Transport services Protocols Service Sockets Transport layer vs network layer Inter transport layer protocol Multiplexing Demultiplexing Transmission control protocol UDP checksum

Chapter 8 Network Layer Introduction Routing Inter Networking Congestion Control C.S vs C.O.S Voice of Connectionless Services Voice of Connection Oriented Services IP Address Routing Algorithm Goals of Network Layer

Chapter 9 Application Layer History Problems on ARPANET Domain Name System Sub Domains TELNET FTP SMTP

Chapter 10 Application layer laboratory Working with putty TELNET PINGING TRACERT NSLOOKUP

Chapter 11 Network Security Introduction Firewall Design Principles Packet filtering firewall Application level gateways Circuit Level gateways Network Device

Chapter 12 CISCO packet tracer Installation Working with CISCO Connection made using CISCO Connecting host with server using switch Connecting them with router Configuring FTP Configuring DNS.

PHP - Syllabus

Chapter 1
PHP Home, PHP Intro and Installation

Chapter 2
PHP Syntax, PHP Variables, PHP Data types

Chapter 3
PHP Strings, PHP Constants, PHP Operators

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Chapter 4
PHP Conditions, PHP Loops

Chapter 5
PHP Functions, PHP Arrays

Chapter 6
PHP Form Handling, PHP Form Validation

Chapter 7
PHP Form Required, PHP URL/ E-Mail, PHP Form Complete

Chapter 8
PHP Multidimensional Arrays, PHP Date and Time

Chapter 9
PHP Include, PHP Require

Chapter 10
PHP File Handling, PHP File Read/Write

Chapter 11
PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions

Chapter 12
PHP Error Handling, PHP Exception Handling

Python Version 3.4 - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction Installation

Chapter2 Hello World Program and Variables Numbers

Chapter-3 List -List and its methods String -String Literals -Slicing -Immutability -Methods -Type Conversions Dictionaries -Dictionaries along with its methods

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Chapter-4 Sets -Sets and Modifying Sets Tuples -AND -OR -NOT -XOR

Chapter-5 Boolean and Sequence Unpacking -#!/usr/bin/python

Chapter-6 Control Flow -If -if else -while -For loop -Break

Chapter7: Functions -*args -*kwargs -Defining and using functions Modules -Math module -os module -random module

Chapter8: Exception Handling -Try -except

Chapter9: Object Oriented programming File Handling

Chapter10: Date and Time -Displaying Date and Time

Chapter11: SQLite

Chapter12: Socket Programming

Chapter13: Graphical User Interface

Web Design - Syllabus

HTML -Hyper Text Markup Language

Chapter 1 Introduction to Web HTML Editors HTML Basics

Chapter 2 HTML Elements HTML Attributes

Chapter 3 HTML Headings, HTML Paragraphs HTML Formatting, HTML Links HTML Head

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Chapter 4 HTML CSS, HTML Images HTML Tables HTML Lists, HTML Blocks, HTML Layout

Chapter 5 HTML Forms HTML Iframes HTML Colors, HTML Color names HTML Color values

Chapter 6 HTML Entities HTML Symbols HTML Charset HTML URL Encode

Chapter 7 HTML JavaScript HTML XHTML

Chapter 8 Introduction to HTML5, New Elements, Semantics HTML5 Forms HTML5 Input types HTML5 Form Attributes HTML5 Media

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Chapter 1 Introduction to Style Sheet How to Use CSS

Chapter 2 CSS Syntax CSS Selectors

Chapter 3 CSS Backgrounds CSS Text CSS Fonts CSS Links CSS Lists

Chapter 4 CSS Tables CSS Box Model, CSS Borders CSS Margins

Chapter 5 CSS Padding CSS Dimension CSS Display

Chapter 6 CSS Positioning, CSS Floating CSS Align CSS Combinators

Chapter 7 CSS Pseudo-class CSS Pseudo-element CSS Navigation Bar

Chapter 8 CSS Image, CSS Opacity CSS Media Types

Chapter 9 CSS Attribute Selectors

Chapter 10 CSS3 Introduction CSS3 Backgrounds CSS3 Transforms CSS3 Transitions CSS3 Animations

Chapter 11 Sample Web Site Design

Chapter 12 Web Hosting with FileZilla Web Hosting Based FTP upload

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