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C# .Net - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 C# Basic Introduction to C#, Environment setup, Running C# program

Chapter: 2 Data types, Conversion Data types in C#, Data type converting -one into another type

Chapter: 3 Variables, Constants, Operators Variable in C#, variable declaring rules, Types of variables, Constants, Types of operators in C#

Chapter: 4 Decision Making, Loops Decision making with if, Else if, switch, loops with for, While and do while

Chapter: 5. Methods, nullable, Encapsulation Method creation in C#, Nullable types, Encapsulating methods and classes

Chapter: 6 Arrays, Strings Array Declaration, Definition, Inserting data into Array, Retrieving data from Array, Strings, String methods

Chapter: 7 Structures, Enums Introduction to structures, Creating and accessing structure data, Creating user-defined data types -with Enum

Chapter: 8 C# Classes, Inheritance Introduction to OOP, C# Classes, Inheriting base class to child class

Chapter: 9 Polymorphism Introduction to polymorphism, Method overloading and -method overriding

Chapter: 10 Operator Overloading, Interfaces Operator Overloading method, Creating interfaces, Implementing interfaces in other classes

Chapter: 11 Namespaces Preprocessor Directives Creating custom namespaces and -using in other programs

Chapter: 12 Exception Handling, File I/O Handling Exception using try, Throw, catch block, Read/Write file in C#

Chapter: 13 Attributes, Properties. Creating attributes for classes, Creating properties, Accessing properties using get, set

Chapter: 14 Collections, Generics Introduction to collections, Creating Array List, Hash, Creating generic classes for dynamic -data type declaration

Chapter: 15 Unsafe Codes and Multithreading Introduction to Unsafe codes, Creating and running multi threads

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