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Catia Version 5 - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION About the software Usage in industries How to open CATIA Software Basic tools and menu bars Customize the environment

Chapter: 2 SKETCHER Importance of 2D sketches How to enter into sketcher window Customize the tool bars Sketch tools Profile tools Operation tools Constraints tools

Chapter: 3 PART INFRASTRUCTURE Importance of 3D geometry How to open part design Toggling tool bars into the window Sketch box & features Exit work bench Dress up features Transformation features

Chapter: 4 ADDING BODIES IN PART Importance of adding bodies Measure tools Measure between components Inertia tools

Chapter: 5 BOOLEAN OPERATIONS Importance of Boolean operation Types of Boolean operation Boolean body creation Boolean add & its importance Boolean subtract Boolean intersect

Chapter: 6 How to create 3D geometry Creation of keyboard Gear component creation Saving a document Extension of saved components

Chapter: 7 ASSEMBLY DESIGN Introduction Types of approach Bottom up approach Tools & options used DOF (Degrees of freedom) Components creation Piston head Connecting rod Crank case Bottom body and top body Saving a component

Chapter: 8 BOTTOM UP APPROACH Importing existing components Move tool bar Manipulation tool Constraint tools & importance Simulation of inline piston assembly

Chapter: 9 DRAFTING Introduction and importance How to project 3D sketches View tool bars and section elements Dimensioning a component Bill of material creation

Chapter: 10 EXPLODED DRAFTING Importance Creating attractive features in drafting Saving a document

Chapter: 11 SPACE ANALYSIS TOOL Importance of space analysis tools Clash component Distance band analysis Sectioning a component Apply material to components Image capturing Saving a file

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