AutoCAD 3D
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AutoCAD 3D

Chapter: 1 Introduction, getting start, work space setting, View setting, views

Chapter: 2 VISUALIZE Views, view manager, visual style, Edge style in visual, view port Configuration, Create new view Ports, Coordinates, navigation bar, Steering wheel, zoom tool, orbit Tools

Chapter: 3 WIRE FRAME MODELING Absolute input method, relative Input method

Chapter: 4 SOLID MODELING - PRIMITIVE Box, cylinder, sphere, cone, Pyramid, wedge, torus, poly solid, Object poly solid

Chapter: 5 SOLID MODELING Extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, loft with path, Loft with guide curves

Chapter: 6 BOOLEAN OPERATION Press pull, union, subtract, Intersect, Interference

Chapter: 7 SOLID EDIT On face - Extrude, move, rotate, Offset, Tapper, delete, copy, color, Material On edge - Copy, color On body - color

Chapter: 8 SOLID EDIT Shell object, fillet, edge, Chamfer edge

Chapter: 9 SOLID EDIT Interference, intersect, slice tool, Thicken

Chapter: 10 SOLID MODEL - EDIT 3D array, 3D rotates, Rotate 3D, 3D moves,3D scale, 3D mirror, Fillet edge

Chapter: 11 OBJECT & ORTHOGRAPHIC Live section, add jog, generate section, Flat shot, extract edges

Chapter: 12 SURFACE MODELING Extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, Planar, Network, blend surface, Patch surface, off set surface

Chapter: 13 SURFACE EDIT Trim, untrim, extend, sculpt, Extract intersection, Offset edges, Convert to nurbs, show cv, hide cv, Rebuild surface, curve tools, Analysis tools

Chapter: 14 FACE MODELING 3D face, rule surface, edge surf, Surface tab 1, Surface tab 2, Plane surface, mesh primitives, Smooth object, refine mesh, add and remove crease, Mesh edit, Split face, merge face, convert to Solid, convert to surface, Faceted Methods

Chapter: 15 MATERIALS Material tool box, library, apply and remove material, apply by layer

Chapter: 16 LIGHT AND RENDER Lights (point, spot, distance, Web light) Render size, render setting, environment setting, Render windows

Chapter: 17 CAMERA Create camera, camera preview in separate windows, Path animation

Chapter: 18 Civil Project 1

Chapter: 19 Civil project 2

Chapter: 20 Mechanical project

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