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ASP .Net - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 ASP.NET Basics Introduction to ASP.NET, ASP.NET basic setup

Chapter: 2 ASP.NET Web Pages, Razor (C#) Syntax Web Page creation using ASP.NET, using C# on web using Razor

Chapter: 3 ASP.NET Layouts, folders and globules ASP.NET Project layouts, Project Folder Struct

Chapter: 4 ASP.NET Forms, Objects and Files Basic Form Creation, Form Accessing methods, ASP.NET Page Objects, File Accessing from web

Chapter: 5 Databases, Helpers Connecting to Databases, Basic Querying, Helper classes

Chapter: 6 ASP.NET MVC introduction Introduction to Design Patterns, MVC Pattern

Chapter: 7 ASP.NET MVC Architecture ASP.NET MVC Folder Structures

Chapter: 8 ASP.NET MVC Forms MVC Form creation, Data passing from model to controller, Data returning on View

Chapter: 9 ASP.NET Models, Views, Controllers Model, View, Controller Introduction, MVC In-depth

Chapter: 10 ASP.NET Layouts, Routing Engines, Global and page layout of ASP.NET Application, Master page layout

Chapter: 12 Action Filters, Bundling, Exception Handling Filtering inputs by Action Filter, Scripts and stylesheet bundling, Data Exception Handing

Chapter: 13 ASP.NET MVC Application Creating

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