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ANSYS 14.5 Workbench - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION About the software Applications Usage in industries

Chapter: 2 Basics of ANSYS 14.5 work bench How to open ANSYS 14.5 Tools and operations involved Basic steps in FEA problems

Chapter: 3 ENGINEERING DATA How to add materials to problem Details of engineering data sources Material properties description Adding new material properties Updating to FEA problems

Chapter: 4 GEOMETRY Detailed sketch tools Draw, modify, dimension, constraints 3D extrusion of parts Extrude, revolve, polyline, grid Named selection tools

Chapter: 5 MESHES Importance of meshes Generation of meshes and tool involved Various mesh methods Importance on solving FEA problem Mapped face meshing Exporting mesh data

Chapter: 6 MECHANICAL ANALYSIS Basics of FEA analysis Chair assembly analysis Contact analysis on mechanical arm

Chapter: 7 LINEAR STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Introduction Truss analysis Bucking analysis, I - section beam Various load analysis on curved beam Pressure load analysis on aircraft fuselage Leaf spring analysis Thermal loads on structure

Chapter: 8 NON - LINEAR STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Introduction and importance Pipe bending analysis Pipe twisting analysis Two pipe contact twisting analysis

Chapter: 9 VIBRATION ANALYSIS Importance of vibration analysis Actuator case analysis Pre- stressed vibration analysis of tensioned string

Chapter: 10 TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Introduction and importance Time - dependent bridge structure analysis

Chapter: 11 THERMAL ANALYSIS Introduction Fin tube heat exchanger problem Heating coil problem Solenoid problem Thermal contacts problem Open and closed contact analysis

Chapter: 12 TRANSIENT THERMAL ANALYSIS Introduction Soldering of iron analysis Advanced ANSYS tutorials

Chapter: 13 COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS (CFD) Introduction Basic tools and example problems Car spoiler analysis CFD - post processing

Chapter: 14 CFX PROBLEMS Introduction CFX problems Compressor analysis CFX - post processing

Chapter: 15 EXPLICIT DYNAMICS About explicit dynamics problems Importance in day - to - day applications Bird strike analysis on aircraft wing Bullet impact analysis on windows glass

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