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ANDROID - Syllabus

Chapter 1 Introduction Evolution of Android OHA Features of Android Architecture of Android DVM Installing JDK Installing Android Development Toolkit

Chapter 2 First Application Hello World Working with eclipse Emulator Exporting an android -project into a.apk file

Chapter 3 UI Widgets Check Box Alert Dialog Box Spinner AutoComplete Text View Rating Bar Web View Seek Bar Toggle Button Push Button

Chapter 4 Intents Binds activities Intent Objects Types of intent

Chapter 5 Activity Subclass of Context theme Wrapper class 7 lifecycle methods

Chapter 6 Services Start a Service Stop a Service

Chapter 7 User Application Alarm Creator Access system alarm Holds a CPU wake lock Broadcast Receiver Storage Internal Storage File Output Stream File Input Stream

Chapter-8 Player Audio Player Media Player class Important Methods Video Player Media Controller class Video View class Methods

Chapter-9 Sniffer Sniff details about your -device and sim

Chapter-10 Controller Bluetooth Controller Bluetooth API Bluetooth Adapter class Wi-Fi Controller Android .net. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Manager Manage the Wi-Fi connectivity

Chapter-11 Messenger Getting intent and Pending -intent instance Handling corresponding Events

Chapter-12 Project Silence Breaker Know the incoming number -and speak it API: speech api, telephony -manager. Implementing OnInit Listener Interface Phone State Listener OnInit Method Ondestroy Method Add Permission

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