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Adobe After Effects CC
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Adobe After Effects CC - Syllabus

chapter 1 - Introduction to After Effects
System Requirements for Installation
Introduction to Interface
Creating a project
Setting up the work files
Panels setup
Keyboard Short cuts
Workspace and Basic Set up
Time code
Composition Basic

Chapter 2 - Text & Animation
Text, Solid Layers
Creating Text layers
Font,Styles,Color & Adjustments
Character Panel
Animation & Key frame set up
Setting, Selection & Deleting Key frame
Animation Frame by Frame ( Text )
Text Animation
Motion Graphics with Text & Background
Creating Shapes & Masks
Solid layers
Adjustments Layers

Chapter 3 - Track Motion& objects
Tracking Concepts
Basic Camera Movements
Object & Camera Movements
Tracking Practical
Motion of Action Footage
One Point Tracking
Planar Tracking
Photoshop for After Effects Tracking

Chapter 4 - Introduction to 3D in After Effects
3D in After Effects
3D layers
Text , Image Conversion to 3D
Lights , Camera Set up
Basic Lights in After Effects
Camera Creation & Animation
Null Objects
Parenting & Linking Layers ( Animation )
Chapter 5 - Track Camera - Planar
3D Title Tracking
Tracking Camera Movements
Creating & Selection of Track Points
Null Objects & Solid Layers for 3D
Position, Rotation & Orientation in 3D

Chapter 6 - Colors & Effects
Working with Colors
Color panels
Color in Photoshop
Color Effects
Color Correction ( Levels & Curves )
Color Grading - Adjustment Layers

Chapter 7 - Masking Layers
Masking shapes
Feather & Shape Animation
Double Action Sequence - Live Footage
Object Reference - Live Footage Practice

Chapter 8 - Green Matte Removal
Green Screen
Color Basics for Screen
Tints, tones & shades
Keying Set up
Color Key
Simple Choker - Edge Correction
Key light Set up

Chapter 8 - Green Screen - 2
Spill Suppression
Understanding Spills in a Video
Suppression Techniques
Presets Installation
Cine Gobs - Spill Suppression

Chapter 9 - Introduction to Rotoscopy
Filmy Examples - Masking & Keying , Roto
Understanding Shapes in Roto
Roto Brush for Object Roto - small movements
Animal character roto
Using Silhouette for Rotoscopy

Chapter 10 - Effects & Presets
Adding Effects
Distort effects
Stylize Effects
Stimulate Effects
Time Effects
Modifying Effects Properties
Installing Free Presets

Chapter 10 - Render & Final composite
Render & Set Up
Basics of Rendering & Exporting
Rendering Still Images & Sequences
Exporting Video
Files & Formats
Live Footage - Green Screen Work

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